PROJECTS Completed Projects

Libya-Dernah Desalination Plant

  Client: General Electric Company of Libya (GECOL)
Contractor: ENKA TEKNIK & SIDEM Consortium
Sub Contractor: SETA INSAAT
Scope: Erection of evaporator bearing frames. 18m length and 6m diameter duplex stainless steel (2209) eight evaporator modules erection, alignment and welding. Four ejectocompressor (duplex stainless steel) erection, alignment and welding. Four preheater (duplex stainless steel) erection, alignment and welding. (2209 duplex stainless steel welded joint meter approximately 2.900 m ) Erection and alignment of  two boilers. Manufacturing and erection of 2 x 20.000 m³ potable water tanks, 20.000 m³ heavy fuel oil tank, 2 x 10.000 m³  potable water tanks and 500 m³ feed water tank for boilers. Pipe racks and pipelines erection between units. (316L stainless steel pipe approximately 8.000 dia.inch , A106 Gr.B carbon steel pipe approximately 15.000 dia.inch and glass reinforcement pipe approximately 13.000 dia inch) Technological equipment erection.