COMPANY Mission - Vision
  Mission - Vision  
Our vision is to become a leading and a reliable firm at home and abroad in all kinds of industrial sectors, to consider costumer satisfaction as a priority, to accomplish our work economically, always to respect the ethical values of the competitive atmosphere and without making any concessions to our commitment to law, to submit the shortest delivery time as a principle.


To create economical and environmental solutions; to respond the customer’s expectations ultimately and to provide good quality service by international standards Moreover, to deliver our work on time, to work elaborately with the workers and the companies, and to provide and maintain more efficient work environments are among our targets.

Since the day it was founded, with this motto of  “BE NOT ONLY THE BEST,BECOME MUCH BETTER”,SETA COMPANY is going further with confident steps; adopted it as a principal in national sense of responsibility to provide service in all kinds of places and conditions with the experience and the vision of many years. By doing the necessities of the technology meticulously in every single detail at home and abroad, with the support and the energy of its employees and along with the new projects, our firm takes the proper pride to drive forward its corporate identity and to make a name of our countries on the industrial construction areas.

The responsibilities that are shouldered in the Industry Areas which is one of the building stones of a country always require aiming better. Seta Insaat, undertook this task in this area. Since is establishment, SETA always aimed to be become better and better by progressing everyday. In this competitive construction and service environment, SETA always reached its target of” Become Better “and is always on the top.

With years of practice and knowledge in the industrial sector, SETA INSAAT who takes the proper pride for being successful in many projects so far in very project that it involved, also considered reflecting the team spirit of the laborers as a necessity for being contemporary and always believed that every new project that is done on this aspect has brought them here.